Website Party


A website party is super simple! All you do as a hostess is determine a day that you want to designate as your party day. Tell all of your friends about the party and give them the link to my website.

To let everyone know, you can create a Facebook event, send out messages, and post on Facebook, etc. I will work out the details with you to ensure the most successful event.

On the day of the party, remind everyone that they can start ordering online from my website. On that specific day, all of the sales from the website will be counted towards your party. Continue to encourage your friends to order and remind them to sign-up for a party too, so that you can earn more free jewelry.

Even though they are shopping the website, your guests are still shopping my on-hand inventory so shipping comes straight from me. As a website shopper they get the discounts of free shipping of a $100 or more order and Buy 12 get the 13th FREE.

Once the party is over I will let you know how many free hostess rewards you earned based on the sales from the website that day! It is that easy!