Facebook Event


Facebook parties are lots of fun! I create a Facebook event, you invite your Facebook friends, and I post my Paparazzi inventory on the event page for your friends to shop from.

These events are typically held over the course of a couple of days and I post pictures of items from my inventory. During the time the party is open, your guests can shop and buy items. All someone has to do to buy an item is type “SOLD” in the comment section under the photo of the item they want. It’s first come, first served so you have to be quick to get these items, which creates excitement for your guests. We also play games where your guests can win free jewelry just for participating.

At the end of the party, I send out invoices via email and ship out the items. The party stays open for typically 24-48 hours so even people who cannot attend the live event have a chance to shop.

As a hostess, all you have to do is invite friends, interact with your guests on the event page, & then pick out FREE items for yourself! Super easy!