Compensation Plan

Paparazzi Accessories has a very rewarding compensation plan. Paparazzi created their compensation plan to help those who are interested in building a business and for those interested in helping others build one!

Paparazzi recognizes achievements in your business in two main ways: 

1. Sales = Life of the Party Achievements

2. Team Building = Rank Achievements.

Life of the Party Achievements

The first way to earn income is simply by buying and selling the jewelry. You earn a 45% commission on every piece of jewelry you sell. Paparazzi Life of the Party is the way Paparazzi rewards consultants strictly based on the consultants sales and ordering activities. Not everyone wants to build a team and that’s ok! This is Paparazzi's reward to you for your personal sales.

Life of the Party is calculated from July 1 of one year to June 30 of the next year. Each level is achieved based on your Personal Volume (PV). PV is given for each piece of adult jewelry you purchase and/or jewelry that is bought from your Paparazzi replicated website.

  • One $5 piece of jewelry = 2 PV
  • One $25 piece of jewelry = 10 PV


As you sell your Paparazzi jewelry from your inventory, you will be ordering more jewelry. The more you sell, the more you order, the higher your PV total.

Rank Achievements 

The second way to earn income is by building a team. By building a team and creating a down line you can earn commissions up to 10%, plus bonuses and various promos (trips, convention, etc.).

Paparazzi rewards those for building, training, and supporting a team of consultants! The reward that team builders get is based upon their teams success and longevity of their Paparazzi business. You will be able to earn a commission off of the inventory that your team members personally purchases through Paparazzi to do their own parties and events. The more your team members sell, the more they will need to buy more inventory, the more commissions you will make!  

You are not dependent on recruiting to make money. Your business will thrive on the RETAIL sales that you make. After all, that's 45% profit on each piece you sell, online or in person. Do you have a specific goal that you need the extra income for, like a vacation or a new car? Make that goal your focus and you'll achieve it in no time. Then, focus on team-building! This is your business so work it the way YOU want, that works best for YOU! But know that the sky is the limit and success is endless with hard work, dedication, and consistency!

Are you ready to take the first step towards changing the rest of your life?

Paparazzi 2020 Income disclosure Statement